Car Design Drawings – Secrets of Drawing a Car in Perspective

Car Design Drawings – Secrets of Drawing a Car in Perspective

This video covers the secrets of drawing a car in perspective

The video is presented by the Online Academy of Automotive Design. The Academy provides professional, live, one on one tutoring in how to draw cars for aspiring car designers. If your goal is to improve the quality of your car design drawings, check out


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This video covers the basic steps of how to draw a car in perspective. Drawing a car in perspective for young designers can be very daunting and intimidating.

Doing a front, two point perspective drawing of a car can be one of the most difficult views to master of all the views car designers have at their disposal. The perspective itself fights the wedge shape of many car designs so the car wants to get bigger as it goes back in space and the perspective wants to make it smaller. Tough stuff.

The video covers how to build a structure or scaffolding to insure your perspective is correct. Then shows how to build wheels within that structure to insure your wheels and body relate. Putting an interior in your drawing as well as making the car look solid and grounded are also techniques covered in the video.

This video was sponsored by Mark P from the UK. Mark wanted his How to Draw Cars tutoring session to be shared on Youtube.

Mark came to the How to Draw Cars site and paid for the lesson then asked if I could record the demonstration over his drawing showing him where he needs to improve and post it for everyone else to see.

This was a very kind gesture. Luckily we wanted to do a video
for the channel that focused on drawing a car in two point perspective and that’s just what Mark needed to improve.

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