Royal College of Art Vehicle Design – Behold The Future

Royal College of Art Vehicle Design – Behold The Future

Behold The Future…Vehicle Design at the RCA is the world’s leading centre for vehicle design education and research, with a forty-year history in spearheading the thinking of this discipline.

The programme takes into consideration the broader issues of vehicle design such as sustainability, emotive consumer relationships, inclusiveness, corporate messaging, recycling and the customer journey. It also aims to pioneer new design, innovation and approaches to future mobility and creates an environment where the future can be questioned and discovered.

The programme has recently evolved to structure both research and the Master of Arts (MA) around three distinct ‘pathway’ themes:
Automark: with a particular focus on the end-user relationship with the vehicle, and the commercial context of the vehicle proposition
Inside Out: designing with consideration of emergent materials and production processes – and for the physical user interface
Urban Flow: urban vehicle, system and infrastructure design with an emphasis on vehicle design solutions integrated for operator and end-user

Each pathway group, with its designated Pathway Tutor, features a dedicated delivery and growing design research archive and will exhibit as separate elements at forthcoming shows.

We offer unexpected challenges and unusual viewpoints, sparking creativity and supplying critical analysis, and we provide an environment where students can pursue, debate and prioritise these issues as individual designers within the boundaries of creative vehicle design and the need to create original and outstanding products. Above all, we empower individual expression, seek innovative solutions and demand aesthetic excellence through design for a better world. This two-year MA programme remains the only established and dedicated postgraduate course in Vehicle Design in the world and has an enviable graduate employment record. Our research activities at MPhil and PhD level, and in collaborations with other industry and academic organisations, now also form a significant part of programme activities.

The programme offers:
a strong tutor team with diverse and high-level practitioner experience
varied creative and cultural backgrounds within the three small student MA pathway year groups
extensive industrial relationships through sponsored projects, internships, portfolio reviews, trips and bursaries/awards. Recent collaborations have been with organisations including: Audi, Bentley, Citroen, Hitachi Rail Europe, Jaguar, Kia, EXA (aerodynamic software), Sabic and TATA
close relationships with other RCA programmes, including Fashion, Textiles, Sculpture, Innovation Design Engineering and Design Interactions
a west-London location at the heart of a uniquely diverse vehicle, design and cultural environment
alumni in numerous top design positions globally.

“The programme aims to harness, encourage and extend students’ thinking, skills and processes. ”

“We encourage innovation with practicality, marrying experience and practice to creative thinking, blending teaching and learning seamlessly in a climate of informed opinion, supported by in-depth research, creative cross-disciplinary experience, teamwork and academic excellence.”


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